Nicotine, White Spots and Weaknesses

I recently started smoking again. That was a brilliant move on my part. It’s okay to congratulate me. Go ahead. I feel like a newcomer at an AA meeting admitting my dirty little secret. I used to smoke in college, back when Joe Camel was a sex symbol draped across ads and posters, wearing a speedo. We thought he was sexy with his swollen abs and massive humps. I have to hand it to advertisers who can make girls lust over a dusty, spitting desert mammal used for transportation purposes. I successfully kicked the habit upon growing up and entering the real world.

I didn’t start back because I was stressed out, or because of great sex, or even because of peer pressure. I did it to preserve the…

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2 Responses to Nicotine, White Spots and Weaknesses

  1. ricky says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Cigarette ashes will also remove hair color from your skin. Just mix it with a bit of water. Not that I would ever go buy smokes for this purpose! 🙂


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