"Culinary Dementia – It happened to me" A true story of one mother’s struggle (On Lifetime, the Network for Women)

I used to be a wonderful cook, a culinary savant, I’d call myself. Back during my teens, when other kids were stirring powdered cheese into macaroni noodles, I was throwing together a flowerless cocoa torte with Irish cream sauce, as a snack between homework assignments. While my friends were growing pot, I had a bona fide herb garden of mini-clay pots full of oregano and sage sitting on the kitchen window sill.

Once a season, I’d organize a five course themed dinner with wine parings and flower garnishes for neighbors and extended family just to show off my culinary talents. I’d study cookbooks and magazines like Bon Appetit for weeks leading to the big event, sometimes even incorporating the wild game from my dad and brother’s hunting trips into my repertoire. “You haven’t LIVED until you’ve savored my filet of owl, braised in homemade plum wine with fresh…

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