Mommy Madness: Resisting the Urge to Make Goodie Bags

It’s the Tuesday before Valentines Day. I’ve just come home from Wal-Mart with groceries for the week, including some fun stuff like Caladium bulbs for the front yard and Penguins of Madagascar Valentine cards for Andrew and Jack to give to their classmates on Friday. After the impromptu wrestling match that ensued last year at CVS because Andrew wanted to buy Clone Wars Valentines, while more sensitive, traditional Jack, wanted puppy/kitten cards, I went shopping alone. Although gossip has died down, people occasionally ask if the Weight kids are still banned from the CVS on Hillcrest. What does it matter, really? RiteAid has more attractive prescription labels, and their staff is less judgmental.

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4 Responses to Mommy Madness: Resisting the Urge to Make Goodie Bags

  1. catwrighter says:

    I do not now, nor have I ever, felt the need to make goodie bags for any school celebration – let the overachieving mom's have at it! I didn't give any out at Hughes' last birthday party either (I thought cake and ice cream were the goodies). Don't give in to the guilt Angela!


  2. So funny!!! I struggle with this every holiday, and end up never making them, who has the time, there are other moms' doing it! But maybe that's why my kids are swinging from the ceiling fans?


  3. Good health is above wealth.健康重於財富,要保重自己哦! ....................................................


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