Mom Unfit to Play Easter Bunny

If you’re under 13, log off now and go clean your room or watch reruns of iCarly or pester a a parent. Now SCRAM!

I’m a lousy mother. It’s official. My union membership card and ID badge will be delivered via USPS early next week. If you log onto, you’ll see my picture and bio between Joan Crawford and Britney Spears…

Click here to download my book, Just Kidding (not really) to read the rest of this and 60 other funny essays about life, marriage, kids and being neurotic. 

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4 Responses to Mom Unfit to Play Easter Bunny

  1. Marti says:

    Oh my God – that was fabulous! I laughed so hard, husband asked “What's so funny?” and then I read it aloud to him. He said, “Yeah, been there done that,” but he laughed and smiled in a sentimental way, which given 20 years and some therapy, you will too.

    We all screw up like that, hon. The kids survive, and seem to (blessedly) remember the holidays when you got it right more than these little bloopers.

    You have a real gift for humor, sweetheart. I loved reading your piece (to myself and again out loud).

    Wishing you much success and Happy Easter!


  2. Dawg19 says:

    Just tell them the truth.

    The Easter Bunny ran off to the Caymans with the Tooth Fairy…

    (Or you could tell them that the Easter Bunny got laid off due to Obama's tax increases. That's more believeable…)


  3. I think you might be my long lost twin. Loved your story and I share in your shame 😉 BTW, this is Michelle…not sure how to change that.


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