VBS 2010 – An Arts and Crafts Disaster in the Making?

(The accompanying photo is of an inadvertently phallic candle that my friend Michelle’s son made for her. It appears he suffers from a lack of crafting genes too. God love him. Wanna see more creative blunders? Check out http://www.regretsy.com. where DIY meets WTF.

And now to the blog entry….

I’ve been designated as “arts and crafts leader” for my church’s Vacation Bible School program. This hulking delegational blunder by the volunteer staff equates in strategic insanity to putting the Unibomber in charge of conflict management or having Lady Gaga lead a conservative dress initiative….

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5 Responses to VBS 2010 – An Arts and Crafts Disaster in the Making?

  1. This is hysterical!! I think we might be long lost sisters, separated at birth. Just so you know, I made until 10:30 pm until I finally had to laugh in front of my little candle maker, and only because his Dad finally told him his candle looked liked a weiner. Please take pics of your craft day. Haha!!


  2. Heidi says:

    Hysterical! Definitely need pictures!


  3. Thanks so much for reading, ladies. At least I know I'm in good company thanks to Michelle's son. What's his name, by the way?


  4. His name is Casey, but he is currently going by KC.


  5. snorris254 says:

    “I once made a birdhouse and the Fair Housing Committee condemned it.” – Lane Meyer (Better Off Dead)


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