Overjoyed with my Droid

My husband and I now both have Droids. No, not British, homosexual robot servants like C3PO in Star Wars. Motorola Droids. I would call them phones, but that would be like labeling Pope Benedict XXXIJWKL as a Catholic guy.

The Droid, developed to rival Apple’s iPhone, boasts a higher number of uses than the Earth has mosquitoes. In addition to calling, texting, web surfing, picture taking, video shooting, navigating my way around snarled Cleveland rush hour traffic (if I were to ever visit Cleveland) scanning bar codes for comparison shopping, identifying that Duran Duran song on the radio from 1983, and allowing me to pitch computerized wads of paper into a cartoon waste basket, my Droid also functions as a human liver….assuming your liver has a USB port. It also acts as a superb paper weight when I decide to fill out home refinance applications in a wind tunnel.

Being notably low tech kind of people, it still surprises me that James and I now carry around these gadgets, that seem to have replaced a beating heart at the top of the “Things I Can’t Live Without” list. Before our Droids, James and I didn’t realize that we were stuck in the Dark Ages, while civilization advancement zoomed right past us. I mean just a couple of weeks ago, we used to actually converse with each other……. using our mouths and voices. Sometimes, we’d even make eye contact. I know that to many, verbal conversation is akin to churning one’s own butter. So, we’re a little slow to get to the party. Now, conveniently, we never have to look up from our 3 x 2-inch screens.

James and I used to rely a lot on nonverbal communication….smiles, winks, a hurled flower vase at the other’s head. Now, with the Droid’s myriad of emoticons, I can simply press a touch screen selection and a little monster face will appear on James’ phone telling him whether I’m happy, indifferent, unmediated, or in the throes of PMS. With an unlimited texting plan, we’ll have completely forgotten what the other looks like a couple of weeks from now. But, thanks to our Droids’ 5 mega pixel cameras, we can take photos of ourselves and send them to each other.

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1 Response to Overjoyed with my Droid

  1. caryl says:

    Very nicely written! I recently got an iPhone and can totally relate. I know I'm annoying my family, but I can't take my eyes off the screen.

    btw, I found this in an e-mail from the Erma Bombeck writer's group. I think people were saying that they couldn't leave a comment? All I did was click on “0 comments” at the end of this piece. No problem.

    You're a wonderful writer! Keep it up.


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