The Long Road to Soda Addiction Recovery

 Hi, Everyone. My name is Angela and I’m a Diet Pepsi addict… in recovery. It’s been 96 painful hours since my last drink. That’s FOUR. WHOLE. DAYS. I would’ve written sooner, but…….
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9 Responses to The Long Road to Soda Addiction Recovery

  1. DB says:

    OOOOh man. I'm the same way [but with Coke….because I'm southern.]. I gave it up for lent a couple years ago, and it sucked so bad.

    I feel for you. Really. I do.


  2. Jeanne says:

    We're all rooting for you. My daughter in law is giving up all sodas and it has been very hard for her. But she keeps on going. I am very proud of her.
    Grant is a very good friend. Keep him.


  3. Wanda says:

    How many days do you have to quit for to win the bet? I've quit my Coke habit many times. One time for over 3 months. Love, love, loved it. Wishing you strength and will power and a large metal object to hit Grant with.


  4. ronda13 says:

    I always love reading your stuff, and this is one of my favorites! So are you still in “recovery”?


  5. Jody Worsham says:

    Don't want to wreck your train, but I THINK Diet Pepsi is the only one that does NOT use aspertane. Check the label. It's the only diet soda my sister will drink. But cudos to your attempt at quitting. I'm just addicted to caffeine. I once quit for awhile and it wasn't so bad after the 3 non-stop days of caffeine-withdrawal headaches.


  6. Sharon says:

    How many days now? Keep up the good work.
    In the mid-90s my dr threatened to disown me if I didn't quit. What a mess! A couple weeks ago I bought a supper w/soda and thought a Diet Pepsi would taste good. It did. I didn't quite finish and no sleep for two days.


  7. Greg says:

    Good luck! I've been trying for years to kick my habit to Mountain Dew, I always go back though.


  8. Anonymous says:
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  9. Angela Ryan says:

    LOVED this. I am also Angela, major Diet Pepsi addict. I just call it DP for short (although I realize this also stands for Donkey Punch, which is some really gross sexual shit.) I drink up to six cans a day. That sure isn't helping with my abs. I don't feel alone anymore. Somehow, though, I always manage to quit for pregnancy.


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