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Dante’s Happiest Place on Earth

We’re on day two of making our way through the seven Disney amusement parks in lovely Orlando, FL. As I was exiting the parking lot tram of Disney Hollywood Studios with my over wrought, exhausted family of four and the … Continue reading

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Pre-Disney Whirlwind

My head hurts and I don’t feel like writing, but my blog stats are way down. I feel invisible when they’re down, as if I don’t exist. I can hear my mom’s voice right now, “Angela, you have to be … Continue reading

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Invasion of the 13-Year Cicadas

According to local news sources, including Billy Touchberry’s photojournalism and Tom Ptak’s Facebook status posts, the enigmatic, ear-splitting, exoskeleton shedding 13-Year Cicadas are back once again, screeching like banshees throughout the arboreal landscape of Middle Georgia. As much as is … Continue reading

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Could You Please Pass the Kidney Stones?

The utilitarian coldness of the empty emergency department exam room where I sit echoes the urgency and temporariness of its use. I have no idea why I just wrote that sentence. It sounds like the beginning of a melancholy textbook … Continue reading

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A Free and Gentle What???

It all started when I ran across that AM Gold ballad from the 70’s called Wildflower, by Skylark (the band, not the Buick). It’s one of those songs you’ll swear you’ve never heard until it starts playing. Then you’ll find … Continue reading

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