A Free and Gentle What???

It all started when I ran across that AM Gold ballad from the 70’s called Wildflower, by Skylark (the band, not the Buick). It’s one of those songs you’ll swear you’ve never heard until it starts playing. Then you’ll find yourself singing “let her cryyyyyyyyyyyyy, for she’s a ladyyyyyyyyyyyyy.” The song itself is beautiful, but one I’m almost embarrassed to admit I like. It’s almost too cheesy, but just so heartfelt and emotional, as if the singer treasured his subject, flaws and all, beyond everyday understanding.

I found myself particularly captivated by the chorus lyrics, “she’s a free and gentle flower growing wild.” I wondered what kind of man speaks of a woman in these terms; a sensitive, romantic, poetic one, who sees far beneath the surface.

For the first time ever, blame it on pangs of nostalgia or a recent bout with stomach flu, I wanted to hear myself described in these terms of such lovely imagery. Feeling dreamily affectionate, like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday or Mrs. Roper in Three’s Company, I pranced into the bedroom to awaken my slumbering Prince Charming a.k.a. husband James…

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2 Responses to A Free and Gentle What???

  1. Jamie says:

    I can relate Angela ~ what woman wouldn't want to hear that…but I wonder if it's the words so much as the voice that singing them (or saying them). What woman's not a sap for a killer voice. It is a great line. Thanks for the smile…j


  2. Sharon says:

    So funny, Angela. Sounds like my former prince charming. He'd probably say, “Do you want to **? If not, shut up and go to sleep.”


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