Invasion of the 13-Year Cicadas

According to local news sources, including Billy Touchberry’s photojournalism and Tom Ptak’s Facebook status posts, the enigmatic, ear-splitting, exoskeleton shedding 13-Year Cicadas are back once again, screeching like banshees throughout the arboreal landscape of Middle Georgia. As much as is being written about these periodic invaders, you’d think that there’s really nothing else going on around here worth writing about… Oh, that’s right. There isn’t.

If you happen to be a member of the 12-and-under set or are completely oblivious to entomological comings and goings, 13-year cicadas, just as their name implies, show up every 13 years to molt, mate and die, a process which takes approximately two months. (And you thought you had a crap life). This pinnacle of the cicada life-cycle is preceded by 12 and-three-quarters years of growing up underground, drinking tree root sap for every meal. The cicada student body president keeps a calendar which tells them when it’s time to make the upward odyssey to the earth’s surface. At this point, they form a single-file line heading straight for the trees in my neighborhood, which are nearly filled to capacity with other forms of insects…

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9 Responses to Invasion of the 13-Year Cicadas

  1. Joanne says:

    Yum! Maryland Cicadas! Just give me the optional beer and hold the cicadas!


  2. LOL! I'm with you, Joanne. Thanks for reading!


  3. OMG I hate those things. I think the bugs that come with summer are the worst part. I wrote about mosquito eaters, and funny enough, its gotten some of the most hits on my site! Cicada recipes are gross though. Intriguing, but gross.


  4. Jamie says:

    The worst is stepping on them on a run in the dark. That will scare the beejesus out of you. They haven't really started screeching in high gear around there yet.


  5. Sharon says:

    I'm with Joanne. Beer – no cicadas. Good story.
    A friend told me that last week she was sitting on a bench in the woods behind her house as darkness fell. All of a sudden she became aware of subtle movement and popping sounds. The cicadas were coming out. She took a lot of pictures. Said it was creepy and scary, yet a gift to see something most people never see.
    I think I'll stay inside with the beer.


  6. chiliz1 says:

    When we were in the Low Country we had Cicadas and Grits. It was wasn't on the menu, it just turned out that way. Beer wasn't optional.


  7. Jody Worsham says:

    I think we have the 17 year variety. We aren't due for an invations for about 5 more years…I hope.


  8. SherryTex says:

    I remember this from the Washington Post back in 2004, when the 17 year variety popped out of the ground in the MILLIONS.

    bon apetite.


  9. gil says:

    Angela, great writing! You are funny. Cicadas hate your guts though. Just tell them, you're gonna eat their guts! Love the article.


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