Why Disney World Hosts Gay Day Each Year….the answer may surprise you.

So I promised another post about June 4th Gay Day at Disney World parks. It’s now June 7th and the topic of their alternative lifestyle outreach isn’t getting any fresher. So, here goes….

The first thing I’ll say is that if Disney wants to continue broadcasting June 4th as Gay Day, they might want to hire a new PR agency, one that utilizes marketing channels other than skywriting. Maybe buy some 30 second TV and radio spots or post people wearing rainbow flags, holding Gay Day signs throughout the Orlando area. It seems the word just didn’t get out.

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8 Responses to Why Disney World Hosts Gay Day Each Year….the answer may surprise you.

  1. Jody Worsham says:

    Glad you explained Disney's postion, the head in the sand bit. And to think, I was afraid to publish My Trip To Disney World so changed the name to protect the innocent. My Trip to Dizzy World


  2. Yeah, the irony is comical.
    Thanks for reading, Jody!


  3. Sharon says:

    Interesting info. Head-in-the-sand philosophy seems a little Goofy! Snicker, snicker!
    On a related note: a nearby city had a GLBT pride day event on Sunday. Organizer said that most participants were straight families. He was pleased that the day is such a “non-issue” that it's now considered a family venue.


  4. LOL, Sharon. Maybe Disney's Gay Day at Typhoon Lagoon is what attracted all the white bread families from the midwest.


  5. Wanda says:

    I personally find it difficult to live my life with my head in the sand. I would miss such great events at Gay Day at Disney World and the right turn into my subdivision. It makes me wonder how anything actually gets done around DW, I mean without actually being able to see anything. I think they should have a Worship Humor Writer's day, let us all in free, and put us on those floats in the nightime parade.


  6. Woohoo, Wanda!!! I hear ya, Girl! And don't miss that right turn!


  7. Jane says:

    The last time we went to Disney World (about 15 years ago!), we happened up on “Gay Week.” My children were 8 and 4 at the time. To this day, if we talk about that trip, they remember the gays walking hand in hand, or one with his hand in another's back pocket. Not exactly the vacation memories that I had planned for my children!


  8. Anonymous says:

    I will never take my grandchild there in June…I know someone who went there and he is a sexual deviant..Shame on u Disney..close the d..m park for a day but don't allow families on “Gay Days”.


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