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The Cruelty of CrossFit

I should’ve known better than to listen to Amelia. Because of her my legs no longer work. And I need them to work. Legs are pretty important in the overall scheme of life. Without them I can’t walk and I … Continue reading

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The Fine Art of Embalming….and other food for thought

Although details and names have been changed, this really did happen…Honest. “Now, when you’re working on a body, it’s vitally important to use a water-based embalming solution, rather than a chemical solution. The hydration keeps the skin looking more natural, … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Living Room on a Monday Night

My husband sits across the living room from me, concentrating on his phone, as I stare intently at my laptop. I get a notification that he’s just played his turn at Words with Friends. 57 points, a triple word and … Continue reading

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Yet Another Stupid Thing to Argue About

I’m sitting in the parking lot of Garry’s Grocery waiting on Frances. I wonder why Garry’s parents chose to put two R’s in his name. Perhaps they had an extra one left over from their other son Lary’s name. Frances … Continue reading

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