Yet Another Stupid Thing to Argue About

I’m sitting in the parking lot of Garry’s Grocery waiting on Frances. I wonder why Garry’s parents chose to put two R’s in his name. Perhaps they had an extra one left over from their other son Lary’s name. Frances is a caregiver who I’m going to introduce to Mr. and Mrs. Taylor. I’ll go back to the office while she stays, cleans their house and tends to any other needs that may arise.

I work for a senior caregiver agency. If nothing else, the job has convinced me that I no longer want to live to be 105. My neighbor Caroline and I decided to shoot each other ..

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6 Responses to Yet Another Stupid Thing to Argue About

  1. Nicole says:

    Bahhahahaaa… Oh Lord…


  2. Kelley says:

    You are making me laugh out loud! I really, really loved this post. I feel like I was right there with overzealously tapping Frances. I also loved your talk about Garry and Lary. Ha! It reminds me of my husband's neighbors growing up – Teri and Geri. GERI. He's a man and his name is GERI, for crying out loud. (By the way, why haven't I been by your blog more? This is ridiculous. Your humor is awesome.)


  3. nick says:

    Garry and Lary! Funny.


  4. Great observations…getting older is not pretty. And funny if taken in right light. But it's inevitable if we're blessed with many years. Yeah…I think that you never can trust anyone to shoot. And when if comes to that moment, you might not want them to.


  5. Thanks, everyone, for your awesome comments. You inspire me to keep writing, even when I don't feel like it.


  6. Sharon says:

    Funny, Angela. Keep up the good work. It seems we pick the most minor things to fuss about. Is it because we don't have courage to fuss about the big things?


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