Scenes from a Living Room on a Monday Night

My husband sits across the living room from me, concentrating on his phone, as I stare intently at my laptop. I get a notification that he’s just played his turn at Words with Friends. 57 points, a triple word and triple letter score. He’s beating me again. I take my turn, My vocabulary and letter choices are never enough to win.

Back in the old days, before our smart phones and social networking games we used to talk to each other…using our mouths and voices. Now it’s just “brrrring” another notification that it’s my turn. We often don’t even look up at each other to say “nice move” or “how dare you.”

Maybe later, in the bedroom, if we’re in the mood, we’ll do some sexting. Funny how today’s technology can bring those who are thousands of miles apart into the same room…and make those of us in the same room feel thousands of miles apart. Isn’t it ironic. Yes, I think.

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1 Response to Scenes from a Living Room on a Monday Night

  1. Joanne says:

    OMG! You're living my life! That is so true. My husband and I do the same thing (not the sexting since my grandsons use my phone for Angry Birds). I can just hear it now…”MomMom what kind of bird is that in this nest?”


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