The $10 Chevrolet

So I’m here at the Southern Pines arts and crafts festival selling tickets for the Lighthouse Adult Daycare’s Chevy truck raffle. It’s a great cause.

ME: “Sir, would you like to buy a raffle ticket for this super nice, pre-owned truck?”

MAN: “I’m not allowed to drive on state of Georgia roads.”

ME: “that’s too bad. Do you have a medical condition or something?”

MAN: “No, nothing that bad. Just too many DUI’s.”

ME: “How many?”

MAN: “just three. But I WILL buy a ticket. That truck’d look good sittin’ in the yard.”

HIS WIFE (as if she’s bragging): “no, honey, he can’t get behind the wheel of a vehicle for the rest of his life.”

ME: “if you win, I’ll give you the truck, but not the keys. And, this is SO going in my blog.”


ME: “wanna chance at this Chevy truck?”

LADY: “if I brought home a Chevrolet, my husband would run over me with his F-250. We’re a Ford family. But just to tick him off ill buy a ticket. We need a good fight…. one that isn’t about that hussy he’s seeing, thinkin’ I don’t know about her.”

ME: “maybe you need two tickets.”

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