How to get that annoying song unstuck from your brain. (How do you?)

JACK: “Hey Mom, Dad just bought me this cool new buck knife!”

ME (wondering why a 7 y.o. needs a knife sharp enough to shave arm hair): “Great, Honey! Have you cut anything with it yet?”

JACK: “Well, I wanted to cut Andrew, but he won’t let me.”

Andrew reconsidered.

ME: “For Heaven Sake, Andrew, quit being so self centered and hold out your arm this minute!!! Remember the preacher’s sermon about being willing to die for your brother!?!”

JAMES: “She has a point there, son.”

ANDREW: “Not for my brother’s ENTERTAINMENT!”

ME: “DETAILS! You’ll make a great compliance auditor one day!”

I’m not sure what’s up with my kids and why they’re so uncooperative with each other…

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About angelaweight

Awkward, imperfect, ADD wife to tightly wound financial planner, mom of two boys, and rescuer of lucky stray animals. I should probably see a therapist rather than write a blog. But hopefully I can offer a few laughs along the way.
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