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15 Family Traditions For Decorating Your Christmas Tree

So, I took some liberties with the title just to get non-readers to click the link, but hopefully you’ll learn something anyway… how unsanitary my mop is. Jack’s new elf: Yes, he has a whole face. I stay away from … Continue reading

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Writing to Quiet My Subconscious….

Me to my nagging, whiny, probably Jewish subconscious:   “I’m writing! Look at ME! I’m finally writing something. Ya happy now? Ya gonna stop hounding me and taking over my every thought, reminding me of what a failure and waste of talent … Continue reading

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Fly Project Day is Finally Here!!!!

Welcome to my version of “Fly.” This is my first community bloggingevent….EVER! I’m not a good “group activity” person. I’m the one who showsup at the wrong time, accidentally poisons other participants, drinks too much spiced eggnog, gets obnoxious and … Continue reading

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Romney Wins! (According to Northwest Laurens Elementary First Graders)

JACK: “Mom, I got to vote today and I’m not even 18!.” ME: “Really? Awesome!” JACK: “Yeah, the first grade had our own election. Mitt Romney won, 89 to 52 votes.” Jack Weight: Registered Republican ME: “Ahh, that’s great! What … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Destruction Day at Rock Ranch this Saturday….. and Angela’s Pain Party

Really quickly, before you read my pathetic account of pain and suffering, I want to promote a super fun and potentially violent family activity this Saturday. Take the short drive to Barnesville’s Rock Ranch where they’ll have their annual pumpkin … Continue reading

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