Writing to Quiet My Subconscious….

Me to my nagging, whiny, probably Jewish subconscious: 

 “I’m writing!

Look at ME!

I’m finally writing something.

Ya happy now? Ya gonna stop hounding me and taking over my every thought, reminding me of what a failure and waste of talent I’ll wind up being if I don’t write something RIGHT now?
Can I get a break from you if I produce a blog post, even if it’s pointless, sick-in-the-head blather?
If I write something tonight will you stop reminding me that one day I’ll be 93 and in a nursing home, crying into my Depends because I didn’t push my writing career harder?”


“There. I wrote something. That’s a whole paragraph. Now leave me the %@%$ alone so I can go back to playing Presidents vs. Aliens on my phone. Maybe one day I’ll be famous for THAT.”

Sorry, that’s all I’ve got tonight, but I did just earn Millard Fillmore and invincibility. Woohoo.

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2 Responses to Writing to Quiet My Subconscious….

  1. I don't know that game, but a Millard Fillmore sounds totally impressive. As I sit here typing I have a blog post I have to write for tomorrow and I'm playing over a version of this post in my head. Blergh.

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  2. LOL, earning a Millard Fillmore just means I really need to spend my time more productively. Thanks for reading!


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