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Happy Holidays! (Yeah, I said it! And Yes, Jesus IS my Savior)

It’s December 28th. Christmas was good. I meant to write about it while it was happening. But I was super busy… cooking, running around with my hair on fire (really. Darn baked Alaska), frantically wrapping last minute presents, being mad … Continue reading

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The Product EVERYONE Needs. (And Can Afford!)

ME: “I have to write something, Andrew! And I don’t know how to start it.” ANDREW: “try ‘hello.’” ME: “Thanks, now get out of here. I’m trying to be all writerly and crap.” Hello! To be the blogger I really … Continue reading

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Secret Subject Swap: I Know I’m a Grownup, But I’d Still REALLY Love to…..

I’ve always loved writing prompts. The more absurd, the better.  EXAMPLE: “You’re being chased through Central Park by a narcoleptic polar bear named Elliot. In 75 words or less, explain why his parents named him Elliot.” I totally love that kind … Continue reading

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