Life’s Little Learning Experiences

Some famous philosopher once said “when we cease to learn, we cease to exist.”

Okay, I’m really not sure if anyone ever actually said that. But it totally sounds like something that some really smart person (who apparently has no social life or hobbies) would say.
That really smart person who may or may not have said the above quote would be really proud of me right now. I’m at CVS, waiting on my Effexor prescription to be filled. This is an imperative because I didn’t take it yesterday and have to deal with people today. Since, I don’t have money to make bail, the refill must happen. NOW.
During my 10 minute wait, I’ve learned that William, the pharmacist and Anita, the pharmacy tech, seem to hate each other. I’d find their constant arguing, contradicting and eye-rolling more entertaining if I didn’t worry about some innocent customer dying from a preventable drug interaction born out of hostile distraction.
I’ve also learned an important lesson in African American men’s hair accessories.
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1 Response to Life’s Little Learning Experiences

  1. Anonymous says:

    I always told you that you were funnier than me. I miss you!



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