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Funny Friday Blog Hop

Today’s post is the first of what will be a monthly feature here. It’s called Funny Friday and is a collaborative project that I’ll post on the last Friday of every month. Each month one of the participants submits a … Continue reading

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Grandparent Names-What Do You Call Yours? Volume II (The Sequel)

Three minutes after hitting “publish” on yesterday’s post, my best friend Shanna called me. SHANNA: “Girl, I wish I’d known you were writing about grandparents’ names, I’d have told you about my Grampa Cooter. ME: (thinking Cooter from the Dukes … Continue reading

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Names for Grandparents…What do you call yours?

Last week I had lunch with my dear friend, Faith, whom I don’t get to see often enough. We chatted merrily over fried fish and sweet tea, catching up on PTA gossip, Pinterest failures and family news. Faith is super … Continue reading

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Locker Room Toilet Paper and Eating African Violets (two topics you’ve never before seen together in a title)

This morning, before starting my workout I stopped into the women’s locker room to use the restroom.* Instead of being on the plastic roll thingy, the toilet paper was sitting on top of the dispenser cover, where I also set … Continue reading

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