Grandparent Names-What Do You Call Yours? Volume II (The Sequel)

Three minutes after hitting “publish” on yesterday’s post, my best friend Shanna called me.
SHANNA: “Girl, I wish I’d known you were writing about grandparents’ names, I’d have told you about my Grampa Cooter.
ME: (thinking Cooter from the Dukes of Hazzard, like maybe he was a tow truck driver or something). “How’d he get the name “Cooter?”
SHANNA: “Take me off speaker phone.”
ME: “Never mind. So was Grampa Cooter your mom’s dad or your dad’s dad?”
SHANNA: “Oh, I don’t think he was related to us or anything. Ya know how growing up, your parents have those friends that are over at the house all the time, for every holiday….and during the week…sleeping on your couch…. and using your phone to call in bomb threats to the DA’s office? Maybe I should clarify, he was LIKE a grandpa to me. Except for the restraining order.”
Shanna’s Grampa Cooter reminds me of my cousin Sugar Man. I’m guessing he’s really affectionate…or a coke dealer. Sadly, I’ve never met Sugar Man, but he’s a fabled hero in many family stories.
When I was a kid, I asked my mom what his real name was. She got onto me for being too formal.
“Quit actin’ all uppity askin’ his birth name. All you need to know is ‘Sugar Man’! If it’s good enough for the Postal Service, it’s good enough for you.”
My friend Tanya, who has an adorable new granddaughter, was telling me yesterday that her nickname (not as a grandma) is “Tata.” Then someone suggested that her grands call her “Yaya.”
TANYA: “What do you think of ‘Yaya Tata?’”
ME: “Sounds like the frantic communication of someone who has just bitten off the tip of their tongue. Or a Greek appetizer, like Spanakopita. ‘I just made some fresh Yayatata. Try some?’”
If you’ve been reading the comments on my “what do you call your grandparents” Facebook poll, no doubt you’ve laughed out loud a few times. I certainly have. And I’ve learned that it’s sort of awkward to break out in laughter when you’re doing a solo activity in a public place, like yesterday when I was writing at the library. I couldn’t help but get a little resentful about the staff members’ disdainful looks every time I’d snicker. Meanwhile, the incontinent smelling man behind me sounded like he was trying to cough up a 6-foot, barbed wire tumbleweed every 30 seconds. And they shushed ME for laughing?
Did I miss a sign reading “no laughing allowed, but patrons are welcome to spew their consumptive lung shrapnel all over our vast selection of periodicals.”
Here are a few more clever, cute and hilarious grandparent nicknames from my FB poll along with my unnecessary comments in the parentheses. And I still have enough for a Volume Three post.
Becky-“My kids call my mother Giddy.”
Tyna-“Grummer” (Grummer for Grandma reminds me of people who say “Deddy” instead of “Daddy.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)
Melissa-“My kids call my mother Nag-Nag. My brother helped name her this for obvious reasons.”’
Natalie-“Lovey and The Standard.” (I think Lovey is a wonderful grandma name, but The Standard? The Standard what?)
Margaret-“Toodaddy and Toomama.” (they were just over the top at everything.)
Mi-“My mother-in-law is called ‘Darlin’ and my sister-in-law is called ‘Whoopie.’” (Darlin! Every time the kids call their grandma it sounds like the beginning of a country song.)
Cherrie-“Shugie and Papa and Fefe and Peeps.”
Marla-“Honey and Boss.” (When I was a kid, we had golden retrievers named Honey and Boss.)
Cheryl-“My niece and nephew call their grandmother ‘Bear’ for reasons no one can quite fathom.”
Clare-“Geo and Poc”
Olivia-“My better half calls his grandmother ‘Moopha.’” (the perfect name if grandma’s a hip-hop artist.)
Keila-“a friend’s grandmothers are ‘Mema Rideto’ (lived far away) and ‘Mema Walkto’ (lived nearby) {Those are the cutest nicknames EVER!!!!}
Pam-“Sweet P and Gag” (Don’t take it personally, Gag, unless grownups start to call you that.)
Libby-“Mopsy and Popsy” (they’re not rabbits, are they?)
Katrina-“Ra-ra and Too-ra” (can’t wait to hear the story)
Lisa-“Brad’s parents are Big Choo Choo and Little Choo Choo and my grandmother is BowWow.” (Hi, everyone, meet my grandma Little Choo Choo and my other grandma BowWow.)

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6 Responses to Grandparent Names-What Do You Call Yours? Volume II (The Sequel)

  1. Those are great! Mema Rideto and Mema Walkto are my favorite.


  2. Cathy says:

    Some of those names are hysterical, but I doubt I’d enjoy being called Nag-Nag!


  3. kimtb says:

    Now I am wondering what I will be called when I am (hopefully) a grandma.


  4. I will be very happy to just be called Grandma one day!


  5. Some of these leave me speechless. !


  6. CaptCruncher says:

    OMG, you crack me up with all that “uppity talk”!


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