Eating Wire and Old Clothes at El Amigo

Yesterday, some friends and I had lunch at that Mexican restaurant in front of the old Kroger. It’s the only eating establishment I know of which is referred to, not by name, but by a landmark that’s been closed for 10 years. In fact, I have to strain to think of what it’s legitimately called. El Amigo IV. (not quatro, as expected) That’s it. In English it means the fourth friend. I’m not sure where the first three friends are. And who goes to the trouble of numbering their friends?

It’s not just the restaurant name that I question, but some of their entrée names as well. For instance, I always order the “alambres.” 

ME: (picturing alambres to be the Spanish word for a succulent steak/chicken combo) “What does alambres mean in English?”

JULIO: (waiter) “It translates to ‘wire.’”

ME: “Wire? Like electrical wiring?”

JULIO: “Exactamente. Wire you asking? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

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5 Responses to Eating Wire and Old Clothes at El Amigo

  1. cynk says:

    Funny, despite knowing the translations, I could still go for some Mexican food.


  2. Jen Brunett says:

    This was great!!


  3. Haha! Sometimes translating food items can be a curse…


  4. Kristin says:

    I'm thinking of all the ice cream flavors….Rocky Road, Fudge Stripes, Moose Droppings….


  5. Thanks so much for reading my post. After hitting “publish” I kept thinking of other funny food names. I'm a huge fan of moose droppings and tracks!


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