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The Weights Got a Wabbit (an orphaned, wild cottontail)

This is George, our newest pet….I guess. I don’t ever recall thinking “gosh, I sure would like to adopt a bunny. An orphaned wild cottontail that can’t eat or use the bathroom on its own would be ideal.” Nope, that … Continue reading

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June’s Funny Friday-I took some liberties here.

Okay, so on the last Friday of every month, a few other bloggers and I do this thing called Funny Friday. It’s where one of us submits a photo and we all come up with five humorous captions or thoughts … Continue reading

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Day 7: Looking for a New Church

(The fonts are doing that weird bipolar thing again. I don’t know why or how it happens. Don’t hate me for it.) One of the hardest parts of moving to a new place is doing the “church search.” And we … Continue reading

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Day 4: We Haven’t Killed Each Other

(I started this post yesterday morning. It’s now Day 4. Time flies when you’re, uh… What is it we’re having?) It’s 9:30 am, Day Three of the big move and I haven’t cursed yet. So maybe that’s a good sign. Having … Continue reading

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Goodbye, GA! We’re Finally Moving (But We’ll Be Back in 10 Days)

It’s 12:15 am and me falling asleep is about as likely as …..,(insert your own creative “unlikely”scenario in the comments. The winner might receive a prize.) In less than 12 hours, the Weights will be headed northbound to start a … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day! We Have Nothing to Wear.

I guess I did a terrible job packing clothes for the movers not to take to Richmond. Ya know the ones we keep with us until we’re reunited with all our stuff three states away.  Father’s Day is a somewhat … Continue reading

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Heading Home. Gosh, I’ve a Learned So Much

As much as I’d planned on posting everyday, we got so much busier as the week progressed. Plus, pecking on my cellphone using one thumb, while bumping along the Navajos’ pothole ridden asphalt isn’t terribly easy.  Excuses aside, we’re now … Continue reading

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Days 4 and 5: Horseflies and Windstorms

(All names below were mentioned with permission.) The novelty of this beautiful wasteland is starting to wear off. We’re all exhausted, parched, sunburned and short-tempered. At least I am.    The kids have created a popular downtime activity, a game … Continue reading

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Day 3: DBC Mission Trip. It’s the Little Things…

(Please excuse the randomly changing fonts. I didn’t do it.)  I’d kind of thought that this mission trip would be an incredible week of awe-inspiring Mother Theresa moments. Like a heartwarming feel-good-fest of building fresh water wells for native children … Continue reading

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Day 2. Dudley Mission Trip: Red Rock, Church Rock, Bathroom Rock

Day Two: This place is breathtakingly gorgeous in an unspoiled, barren, Marlboro Man, coyote/roadrunner* sort of way. This morning, all 50-something of us travelled to Red Rock State Park to worship, meditate and hike.  Aside from being overwhelmed by the … Continue reading

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