June’s Funny Friday-I took some liberties here.

Okay, so on the last Friday of every month, a few other bloggers and I do this thing called Funny Friday. It’s where one of us submits a photo and we all come up with five humorous captions or thoughts related to the pic. 

I’m especially loving this one from Black Sheep Mom. You’ll see a link to her blog and others below. Be sure to check out as many as you can. They’re some super funny gals. 
And now, onto the captions. 

1. Okay, I’ve got a good one…….So, Satan and the Statue of Liberty walk into a bar….
2.  “What do you mean the Ellis Island ferry isn’t running? Oh, I am so screwed.”
3. “I’m sorry, Satan, but I’m not at liberty to discuss this with you.”
4. “No one knows the struggles I face raising a teenager on my own. I’ve had to get a part-time job as a cemetery monument just to make ends meet.”
……on TLC’s newest reality series Statue of Liberty/Single Mom
5.(the Statue of Liberty trains her vacation temp.)  “It’s super easy. All you have to do is stand there and hold this torch in the air. And look welcoming….but not too welcoming. (I keep getting in trouble with Congress for that.)

I can’t wait to see what everyone else has come up with. 

(After several frustrating, profanity-ridden minutes) 

Okay, I’m doing this post from my phone because we’re staying at my mom’s house and she doesn’t have Wifi or running water or indoor plumbing. But I’m most upset about the Wifi. It seems that my Blogger phone app doesn’t offer a way to insert links into a post. This means that I can’t hyperlink the other bloggers’ sites. Great! Now, they’re all gonna be super mad at me and not invite me to their slumber parties or to go skating on Friday night. 

All kidding aside, I’m not happy about this. So, readers, if you don’t mind, please visit their blogs. The addresses (that you’ll have to type in (and click your heels together three times) are below. 

Someone Else’s Genius

The Momisodes

Confessions of a Part-time Working Mom

Stacy Sews and Schools

Cluttered Genius

Black Sheep Mom

On the Alberta Montana Border

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6 Responses to June’s Funny Friday-I took some liberties here.

  1. I am so inviting you to the slumber party! You'll bring wine, right?

    PS: Apologies for the probably un-American question: why would Lady Liberty get in trouble for looking too welcoming? Because she'd attract too many foreigners? Well, not to worry, the grumpy immigration officers will take care of this 😉


  2. Yep, I was trying to make a crack about the immigration debate. Thanks for inviting me to the slumber party. I seriously hate technology.


  3. Ha, love you and would invite you to anything and everything! Thanks, yet again for starting my weekend off with lots of laughs!


  4. Aw! Thanks, Karen! I'm feeling the love…even without links.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Good job, Angela….this just might be known as excellent networking…or maybe just sharing the love and laughter? Really enjoyed it. Polly


  6. Robin Allen says:

    OMG. I laughed before I even got to the post! So many plays on the word “liberty”… Awesome!

    I hate having to post from anywhere but my computer, too.


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