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What My Husband and I Fight About Most, a cautionary tale

Hi Everyone, Since, WordPress is apparently where all the cool blogger kids hang out, I’m slowly transferring posts from my other blog, It might appear that I don’t know what I’m doing.  And now for the actual post… James … Continue reading

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Home Design Blunders That Drive Occupants to Slow, Certain Insanity

I’d like to personally (not) thank whatever genius thought it was a good idea to place a huge, out-of-reach, awkwardly-shaped, east-facing window in our master bedroom. Ready or not, this is what I wake up to EVERY MORNING at 6:42 … Continue reading

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And Then a Light Came On. Wait, no it didn’t.

It’s kind of funny about moving into a new house, figuring out all the property’s crazy little nuances, those things that you won’t learn about on Zillow or In our house in California, the washer was located in the … Continue reading

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I’m SO Wrightsville, I can top your "I’m So Wrightsville."

I’m loving reading the “I’m so Wrightsville” posts. And while I really should be doing something productive, I’d rather be all nostalgic and post some of my own memories. Here are a few. I’m SO Wrightsville….  (Who can tell me … Continue reading

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Richmond Flying Squirrels=Great People Watching…and I think there’ssome kind of game going on too.

James, the boys, my stepdaughter, Sophia and I are at a Richmond Flying Squirrels game. I must’ve forgotten to take my Adderall because I keep forgetting there’s a game going on and that others are actually interested in watching it.  … Continue reading

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Day Number Whatever: Gum Chewing, Greek Yogurt and the Witness Protection Program

I’ve stopped counting days since our move to Richmond (or Midlothian, which, mind you, is an area, not a town).* We’re still “random strangers trying to meet people” as Jack said yesterday. But things are getting better. Here are some … Continue reading

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