I’m SO Wrightsville, I can top your "I’m So Wrightsville."

I’m loving reading the “I’m so Wrightsville” posts. And while I really should be doing something productive, I’d rather be all nostalgic and post some of my own memories. Here are a few.

I’m SO Wrightsville….

 (Who can tell me where this floor is?)

1) I remember when J.B. Stoner and the KKK clashed against civil rights marchers on the courthouse square in 1980. Parents started pulling kids out of school early that day. I’m not sure if it was out of fear or to get better seats for the action. 
2) I got my ears pierced at Troup Drugs downtown, when it was on the corner of highways 15 and 319 and had the big orange and blue Rexall sign hanging above it. 
3) We ate Sunday lunch at Mrs. Marjorie Tanner’s restaurant…every location.
4) I remember our classes sitting in the creaky old wooden, bolted down auditorium seats at the primary school, watching grainy black and white film strips on fire safety and personal hygiene.
5) I remember when the hardware store next to EMC was the Piggly Wiggly. 
6) Someone help me out with this one. I remember my granny and daddy taking me to lunch at a really narrow little buffet restaurant next to or near Sumner Pharmacy when I was about 5. What was that place called? Did I really happen or did I dream this? 
8) and hearing the lumber yard’s 12 o’clock whistle everyday.
9) I remember Miss Mary Ann’s “House on the Corner.”
10) My first (and only) dance teachers were Miss Lynn and Miss Beth.
11) And I took piano lessons from Miss Jackie Clements. 
12) I remember when the courthouse was pink.
13) and when the Frost House stood where the EMC/Source building is today.
14) when everyone I knew had gotten stitches at least once from Dr. Dodd,
15) and haircuts from Jerry Hood. 
16) Lots of you remember D Bush and Skin, but do you remember Squirrel, the painter? 
17) I remember the two long, skinny, red and white Allied signs that hung in front of the store. 
18) and smelling like grease after spending only five minutes at the Gas-n-Go. 
19) I remember getting free Cokes and chips from Charles at the Country Club because the snack machines always took my money. 
20) and Mr. Roush, the band teacher, who I always swore was one of Hitler’s Gestapo men in a past life. 
21) I remember the super impressive graffiti painted all over Johnson’s Bridge. Or was it Pullen’s Bridge? Oh crap, I can’t remember. You know the one on the dirt road between hwy 57 and hwy 15.
22) getting dizzy from staring too long at the psychidellic flowers painted on the halls of the primary school. 
23) sitting at the power lines with Trey East, taking my first ever shot of Jaegermeister, thinking it was pretty good and then downing a few more gulps like it was Koolaid. Later, I sort of remember throwing up. A lot. 
24) Sitting in Dr. Fason’s waiting room, staring at the fake stone carpeting, scarred to death of the four fillings I was about to get.
25) and finally, I’ll never forget being four years old, hiding in the circular clothes racks, waiting to jump out and scare shoppers at Hall Brothers Department Store.
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