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Would You Like Cash Back (and other insulting questions)

Hello Debit/Credit Card Reader Machine at Walmart, On the surface you appear helpful and proactive asking if I’d like cash back on my purchase of a $3.57 package of printer paper. Why yes, I’d like that very much. A whole … Continue reading

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There are FIVE Oceans Now? What the Heck???

I hate that uninformed, left out feeling that comes with learning something that everyone in the universe already knows…except me. Like the time in seventh grade when I worked up the courage to say hi to “cute Chad” only to find out … Continue reading

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Queen Bed Frame Assembly – Intelligence and Alcohol Not Included

I hate this. Mentally defeated by a three piece bed frame. The simplest of household assembly tasks. The bunny slope of DIY projects has K-O’d my self-reliance, leaving it crumpled in a ball of humiliation. It’s not like I was … Continue reading

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No Escape from My Husband’s Yelling and the Condemnation of My Inner Critic

In addition to the absence of storage space and our 10 foot high bedroom window that magnifies the sun’s light and heat by 700-percent, I’m discovering that this house has minimal insulation… specifically the noise reducing kind. Until living here, … Continue reading

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VA Adventures: First Day of School Blues

Today is the first day of eighth grade for Andrew and third grade for Jack. I’ve been preparing for weeks. Mainly by worrying about them. The schools up here are big and unfamiliar. There’s no one to watch out for … Continue reading

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