NaBloPoMo Day Three: I’ll Do Better Tomorrow

Last night I slept in the guest/play/storage/music/sewing room because Jack fell asleep with James in our bed while I was fulfilling my NaBloPoMo Day Two obligations. I’d have moved him back to his own bed, but the kid weighs like a thousand pounds now. Two thousand when he’s asleep. So, I just crawled into the spare bed. It really is the perfect bed for guests because it becomes less comfortable every time you get in it. In the morning, you wake up wondering if you developed spina bifida during the night.

After coffee and learning to walk and stand upright again, I dedicated Monday as extensive cleaning day. We’ve been so busy lately that the house has fallen somewhere between needing a Merry Maids and HAZMAT.

I know I had a point to this post. Now what was it?

My Adderall has obviously worn off.

I’ll finish the story in tomorrow’s post. Promise.

NaBloPoMo Day Three down.

Goodnight, Everyone.


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