What We Talk About While Packing Lunches

Happy NaBloPoMo Day 11.

ME: “wanna take some Cracker Jacks?”
JACK: “what’s the prize?”
ME: “you have to open it and see.”
JACK: “what if it’s just one extra Cracker Jack? That’d be lame. I’d get mad.”
ANDREW: “what if it’s a functioning kidney and you just happened to need a kidney transplant?”
ME: “it’d be bad if it was a functioning kidney, but you were waiting for a liver instead.”
JACK: “what if a mouse had gotten in there and died and it looked like he was the Cracker Jack prize.”
ME: (opening the Cracker Jacks) “dang, it’s not a dead rodent or a functioning organ! Just a stupid tattoo.”


This photo doesn’t go with the post at all, but it’s just so darn cute, I wanted to include it somewhere. It’s funny how you can snap the most precious photos at the most spontaneous, unrehearsed times. (In case you’re wondering…yes, James was wearing shorts.)

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1 Response to What We Talk About While Packing Lunches

  1. Gosh. I can see you — and also Pamela’s boys in Jack’s smiling face. So cute. And yes, the packing of the lunch in the morning. I have gotten bad. I buy tons of prepackaged stuff — you know the small pack of Cheeze-Its and Smartfood. And just cram it in there. I do try and have some type of fruit. But it’s really a box full of preservatives.


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