10 Foods That Will Never Have Their Own Scented Candle Fragrances

NaBloPoMo Day 15. Does it even matter anymore? Is there a NaBloPoMo branch of the IRS keeping track and fining me every time I skip a day? If yes, then I’ll write three posts today to make up for yesterday and Thursday. And I have to tell you about the mysterious black dots in my ebook. They’re like crop circles that have eaten up all my page breaks. That’s why I haven’t released it yet. I do have a book coming out. I swear. And it’ll be good.

But, in the meantime here’s post one for today.

ANDREW: “Something smells good. Are you cooking anything?”

ME: “Nope.”

ANDREW: “It smells like Bagel Bites in here. Did you light a candle?”

ME: “Lol. A Bagel Bites scented candle? I don’t think they’ve come out with that one.”

ANDREW: “What if they made candles that smelled like foods that stink…for when you want people to leave your house?”

ME: “That’s a great idea. I have to write a blog about this.”

Scented candle companies, take note. We need a line of “don’t go away mad, just go away” candles. (They could also be used as motivational candles. For when you really need to get out and get things done, but can’t summon the energy to leave the house. If it stinks bad enough in there, you’ll find all sorts of errands to run.)

Here are my top ten nose-curling foods, for starters.

black licorice

10. Black Licorice


9. Horseradish


8. Boiled Chitlins “chitterlings” (So, I’ve heard.)


7. Curry


6. Limburger Cheese

spilled milk

5. Week Old Spilled Milk

burnt popcorn

4. Burnt Popcorn


3. Canned Tuna


2. Cooked Collard Greens (or any greens)

deviled eggs

1. Deviled Eggs/Egg Salad

So, my nose-holding readers, what foods would you add to this list?


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