10 Strange, Weird and Bizarre U.S. Festivals

NaBloPoMo Day 17 and 18 now (because I didn’t finish last night.) I’m behind by like five posts now. Guess November 30th is going to be one heck of a writing day.

Today’s post is inspired by a text from my friend Shari. I’d include a photo of her if I had one…but we haven’t made it to the “random selfies” phase of our friendship yet.


Shari talking about the Chitlin Festival made me think of Midville, Georgia’s yearly Redbreast Festival. The celebration included a much anticipated Miss Redbreast pageant. My dad always said it was the only beauty contest where a gal could win first and second place.

I love festivals that celebrate oddities, quirks and novel traditions. (Sounds like most Johnson County family reunions…the good ones.)

While some people have a goal of doing marathons in all 50 states, I’d like to see the states…one weird festival at a time.

Here are my first ten.

1. Frozen Dead Guy Days, Nederland, CO– If nothing has caused coffee to spew from your nose this morning, then click this link and read the story about how Frozen Dead Guy Days was started. There’s really a frozen dead guy.


photo courtesy of frozendeadguydays.org

2. The Testicle Festival, Clinton, MT-Complete with a hairy chest competition, cow chip toss and $5 testicle sampler platter. People go nuts over them. lol.


3. The Roadkill CookOff, Marlinton, WV-I wonder if drivers become more competitive and aggressive around this time of year, trying to bring in the most impressive roadkill. Jaywalkers beware!

roadkill possum

4. Tarantula Awareness Festival, Coarsegold, CA- I’m hung up on the word “awareness” in the title. Like Breast Cancer Awareness…like tarantulas are a terrible thing that our society needs to be aware of…with a festival. It’d be inappropriate to have a Domestic Violence Awareness Festival. I think tarantulas should all get together and sue for defamation of character.


5. The Bean Fest and Great Championship Outhouse Race, Mountain View, AR– To be clear, it’s not a race to the out houses after eating beans. They eat beans and then get in their souped up, turbo, four-wheeled outhouses and race through the middle of town. It’s highly competitive because no one wants to be downwind.

outhouse races

photo courtesy of stonecountyleader.com


6. National Hollerin’ Contest and Festival-Spivey’s Corner, NC-I wonder if my fifth grade Math teacher ever entered this.

hollerin street sign

7. Mike, the Headless Chicken Festival, Fruita CO– I’ll just have to make Colorado a two-fer. Can’t miss this festival dedicated to a chicken who lived for 18 months without a head.

mike the headless chicken

photo courtesy of miketheheadlesschicken.org


8. The Quiet Festival, Ocean City, NJ-Complete with a city “yawn along,” silent movie marathon and American sign language competition. Makes me sleep just thinking about it.


9. Tomato Blast, Chicago and New York-The place where all your food fight dreams come true. Seriously, it’s one huge, tomato hurling, mosh pit of eventual spaghetti sauce.

Tomato Bash

10. Woolly Worm Festival, Beattyville, KY-Did this town have nothing else to celebrate? Compared to the others I’ve listed, it’s a perfectly legitimate thing to bring folks together.

wolly worm festival

Photo from heartofthekentuckyriver.com






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1 Response to 10 Strange, Weird and Bizarre U.S. Festivals

  1. Ha!! Your little zingers are hilarious! “Defamation of character!” And “downwind!” So glad I am following you!


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