Admitting that I Lied Yesterday

We’ve made it to that point in NaBloPoMo where we’re all going a little pygmy-brained.* So we start playing games to keep the writing assignments interesting. Yesterday was Five Truths and a Lie.

You know the game, right? You read all the statements and decide which one is false. There are no prizes if you choose correctly. We just make a mental note that you’re not easily lied to.

Here’s a recap of my statements from yesterday.

1) When I was pregnant with my first child, I craved blood and raw meat everyday.

2) During college, I supported myself working as a radio disc jockey and voice over talent.

3) I’m not afraid of spiders.

4) I was once on a malfunctioning roller coaster that left us stuck high up on a super steep incline for three terrifying hours.

5) In my spare time I create artwork from recycled hardware.

6) I once fell into an open septic tank.

Before I reveal the life, here’s a shout out to some wonderful blogging friends.

Lois at Midlife at the Oasis

Ruth at Cranium Crunches

Jamie at Jamie Miles blog

Elin at Beyond the Backyard Blues

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1) True! Thanks to an undiagnosed iron deficiency, I craved blood and red meat for most of my pregnancy with Andrew. My saintly husband would run to Safeway at midnight to buy the bloodiest London Broil he could find and I secretly worried that I was carrying a baby vampire.

2) True! I worked as a disc jockey and voice over talent during and after college. Some of my funnest** memories happened in a control room, goofing off behind the mic.

3) True! I’m not afraid of spiders. Nope. It’s not like we’re BFF’s, though.


This is not my hand.

5) True! I do make recycled junk art in my spare time. (Not necessarily good art, but art, nonetheless.)


6) True! When I was three and our family home was being built, we’d go out to the site every evening to check the progress. As my parents, siblings and I stood admiring our new septic tank which looked like a big mud pit to me, I got hyper, started jumping around and tumbled head-first into the brown murkiness. Thank God it was freshly dug and didn’t contain any…you know.

4) False! I hate roller coasters. Only ride them under extreme peer pressure. If one should malfunction mid-climb, my heart would undoubtedly malfunction also.

Only one person, my friend Sheree Styrlund, guessed correctly. Not only is she smart, she’s a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan. Love that gal!

*No offense to pygmies. I’m sure their brains are just as large as any other human species. It’s just a phrase that my family’s always said. Please don’t label me as a pygmy hater. I’ve never even met one.

**Funnest–Is that even a word?

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24 Responses to Admitting that I Lied Yesterday

  1. OK the vegetarian is still a bit grossed out, but I’ve heard of that before. And thank goodness that septic tank was freshly dug…because it would be the smell that just keeps on giving. YIKES!


  2. angelaweight says:

    Lol, i cant even imagine falling into a full septic tank. I still shudder at the scene from Slumdog Millionaire.


  3. loisaltermark says:

    I don’t like roller coasters either, and will be happy to take a nice merry-go-round ride with you one of these days. Fascinating about your red meat cravings and ugh to the septic tank. I’m gagging a little just thinking about it.


  4. doreenb8 says:

    I am terrified of roller coasters and did get stuck on one at Great Adventure in New Jersey. I will never get over the trauma:)


  5. Ellen Dolgen says:

    OMG…you fell into a septic tank. For sure I thought that was false! YIKES — how awful!


  6. Cathy says:

    Ok, I can’t believe I was wrong on this one! I really thought it was #1, but now I understand. Thank goodness you weren’t hurt in the septic tank, and I HATE roller coasters too.


  7. angelaweight says:

    Lol, Lois. Let’s plan on a nice, smooth merry-go-round ride.


  8. angelaweight says:

    OMG, Doreen. Are you serious? How long were you stuck? I would freak out.


  9. angelaweight says:

    I don’t really remember it being awful because I didn’t know what a septic tank was. I just assumed I was playing in mud until my dad immediately plucked me out.


  10. angelaweight says:

    Yeah, I’m not really sure how the iron deficiency got past my doctor. He was so conscientious about everything.


  11. elinwaldal says:

    So I guess we won’t ride a roller coaster together when we all meet up in Las Vegas? 😦
    Gotta say I love the voice over talent! Very cool! And *funnest* works for me! Thanks for the shoutout too.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. CaptCruncher says:

    Two things…I so wanted you to have NOT fallen in a septic tank. And I think you Giants fans share a brain :)! Love it Angela!


  13. Roz Warren says:

    I’d MUCH rather fall into a septic tank than go on a roller coaster. So your life sounds pretty good to me. 🙂


  14. angelaweight says:

    Thanks Roz. You always put things well into perspective.


  15. angelaweight says:

    Thanks Elin! Id love to meet in Vegas. We’ll have the funnest time!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. That was tricky, I thought for sure the septic tank. I dread roller coasters too!


  17. Yours were sure hard to decide for me. Fun game though. I love roller coasters!


  18. Yay.. Applause, applause. Great job. I should have called Pamela.


  19. Musings on Motherhood & Midlife says:

    Cool learning about you. I hate roller coasters, too!


  20. peopledonteatenoughfudge says:

    SO close – and then I changed my mind … I’ve taken you up on your challenge and posted my own 5 truths and a lie today, you can find it here:


  21. Sarah Mac says:

    I got this!!! But then I changed my mind … I have played along though


  22. angelaweight says:

    I love your list. So funny and clever. Cool things happen to you. But riding a sheep for 12 miles??? Gotta be the lie. Why wont your blog let me comment. I tried in computer and my phone.


  23. angelaweight says:

    Sarah, your blog doesnt like me and wont let me comment!!!


  24. Sarah Mac says:

    Sorry Angela, I didn’t think my first comment had published! I’ve no idea why my blog doesn’t like you … Maybe it will let you comment on the reveal later …


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