A Brilliant, Money-Saving Life Hack for the Holidays

In a world up to its adhesive googly eyeballs in impressive blogs that teach us about crafting, cooking, decorating, travel and self-care, I’ve always prided myself on being different. On producing a blog with absolutely zero educational content. In this regard I’ve kept my standards high, hoping that readers might actually feel less intelligent upon finishing my posts.

But, sometimes I discover an idea so brilliant and simple, it would be an injustice not to write about it. So that’s what I’m doing today. Pardon the diversion and rest assured that tomorrow’s post will be totally void of any informative content whatsoever…(unless I discover another brilliant life hack. And, honestly, what are the chances of that happening two days in a row?)

This morning, as I headed out the door to Walmart to buy Christmas gift boxes, I had to step around our recycling bin that’s piled super high because it’s not due to be picked up until next week.

As I kicked a Dominoes pizza box out of the way, I thought, “that’s the perfect size for the photo collage I made for my mom.” (Act surprised, Mom.) “And the strawberry Pop Tarts box is an exact fit for the gloves we bought my nephew.”

Money saving idea light bulb comes on!

Why do we spend our hard-earned money on gift boxes and bags when our recycling bins are overflowing with colorful containers waiting to be reused?

What’s more intriguing on Christmas morning: unwrapping a new sweater from a boring, predictable white box? Or tearing open the wrapping paper to discover…Frosted Mini Wheats? Funny, you don’t remember putting cereal on your Christmas list. Curiously, you open the convenient, over-locking flaps to discover that…it’s a sweater! But you have to admit… they had you going there for a sec.

photo (2) photo (1)

Create super fun family memories! But be sure that the gift receiver is a good sport or the grudge will last longer than the present.


Putting lots of goodies into a large gift bag for someone? You could spend upwards of $9.99 just on the bag!!! Save that money by recycling old cat or dog food bags. (You may want to rinse them out first.)


I tore off the “box top for education” first. Not only am I saving the environment. I’m supporting my kids’ schools too! Would you ever guess that Andrew’s new phone is packed in there, covered in baking flour? He won’t either!


If using Papa John’s boxes, be sure to clean out the banana pepper stems and the half empty cup of garlic butter, unless your loved one asked for banana pepper stems and used garlic butter….then, by all means, leave them in there.


All my family’s presents…ready for wrapping. I’m also saving money on tape by using an old roll of blue painter’s tape. Total savings so far…$8.32. Points for creativity and helping save the environment… Priceless!

So, have you ever given or opened a gift wrapped in a misleading box? Share your story so we can laugh…unless it ended in bloodshed.

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7 Responses to A Brilliant, Money-Saving Life Hack for the Holidays

  1. CaptCruncher says:

    Brilliant Angela! I am definitely doing this. And I promise not to judge or raise any expectations :)! You crack me up.


  2. I totally love this idea! It’s funny and practical and I can’t wait to see my kids’ faces when they see what some of their gifts will be wrapped in!


  3. kimtb says:

    So, this isn’t a Christmas gift…but once we were in Hawaii and I wanted to bring home some sand…which was absolutely not allowed. So I put it in a tampon box. My daughters watched me do it, and now they know that is my secret hiding place. I wonder if I have the nerve to wrap a gift in one (heck, I wonder if I can find a tampon box!),


  4. This makes me chuckle as I recall the Kotex boxes and such that my mom packed our gifts into when we were kids. With five daughters and herself, there’s was never a shortage of gift boxes at our place — for that size gift, anyway.


  5. I love this! Such a clever and creative idea. I’m always up for ways to recycle.


  6. janieemaus says:

    What a fantastic idea. Fact is, I do recycle old boxes all the time.


  7. WendysHat says:

    Oh this is how we always wrap gifts with my children. My son is the prize winner because he takes a box and then wraps it in about a mile of duct tape, covering every single inch and then no one can open their present.


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