It’s National Dress-Up-Your-Pet Day! (I didn’t make this up.)

Yep, according to those websites that list holidays and observances, today is National Dress-Up-Your-Pet Day. An official 24-hour period set aside on the U.S. calendar for exasperating and embarrassing our four-legged friends.

A conversation I’d like to have heard in 1776. 

“Yes, General Washington, hundreds of years from now, America’s people will celebrate our independence from England every July 4th. We’ll remember those who fought for our freedom on Memorial Day…And every January 14th, we’ll put tacky sweaters and scarves on our dogs just for laughs.”


Leading the revolutionaries home to dress up their pets.

School was cancelled today because it was supposed to snow. But it didn’t snow. Again. This is the fifth time we were supposed to have snow and didn’t. I’m beginning to think all the meteorologists around Richmond are a bunch of wolf crying, snow promising liars.

Instead, everything was covered in ice, and it was bitterly cold and there was nothing good on TV. So putting clothes on our pets just for cheap entertainment seemed as good an idea as any.


Giants fan Katie has her own tacky sweater and cap. She’s so ready for spring training.


The bow tie may be cute, but Anakin still hates us and spends most of his days plotting to kill us and make it look like Katie did it.


Sadly Ayla just looked like a cheap drag queen prostitute. We should’ve used a different wig.

IMG_0115 (1)

I’m seriously thinking of getting Cali into modeling. She’s such a feline Audrey Hepburn here.

Days like these are why I should probably look for a job.

angela book cover

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8 Responses to It’s National Dress-Up-Your-Pet Day! (I didn’t make this up.)

  1. Clearly National Dress Up Your Pet Day was invented so you could make me laugh!


  2. Darlene Daniel says:

    We have two Wiemeraners (sp), how would you suggest we dress them. They are male and both neutered. Maybe I could borrow the drag queen wig!


  3. Darlene Daniel says:

    ? on the first line, lol


  4. Riley will permit me to dress him in his warm hoodies and jacket but costume attire? Nooooooo way! He won’t allow it!


  5. Ellen Dolgen says:

    So cute! Love these pictures!


  6. Roz Warren says:

    Great post! I wanted to leave you a link to Max the Bichon looking handsome in his tux. But I couldn’t figure out how to attach photos to comments. 😦


  7. Oh how cute! Makes my want to go out and get a new furry friend. Thanks for sharing!


  8. loisaltermark says:

    Ha ha! Neither of my dogs would have stood for us dressing them up!


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