Stand Up Paddle Board Aerobics at Woodlake. That’s what’s SUP.

I’ve been trying to push myself to get out and do more things here in Richmond. The boys are settled into their schools and baseball and new groups of friends. And when James isn’t working, he’s in Red Oak, restoring the house that I’m pretty sure is haunted…or cursed at the very least. That leaves me…needing to get a life.

So I’m trying new things, like taking classes with high potential for embarrassment.

On the gym bulletin board last week there was this flyer promoting a stand-up paddle board boot camp. My first reaction was “I’m too uncoordinated for regular aerobics, much less doing it on a wobbly, slippery surf board, while wearing a bathing suit in the middle of winter in front of people who will laugh and make fun of me. If I take this class, someone will post a Youtube video of me repeatedly falling in the water and flapping around like a clumsy sea lion while other class members try not to notice the train wreck to their left. And the video will go viral and I’ll be known worldwide as ‘Paddle Board Fail Woman.'”


Then my second reaction was “But I’m 40 and this might be my only chance to be ridiculed by the entire world while trying to do aerobics on a paddle board.”

So I signed up and made my friend Wendy join me. I sort of thought she’d be less coordinated than I was, which would make me feel better. Wrong! She only fell off her board once and looked graceful doing it.

In spite of falling off my board six times, losing my paddle and never being in the same rhythm as the rest of the class, it was super fun.


If you’re not familiar with stand-up paddle board or SUP (because it has its own acronym which sounds like a greeting from an indifferent teenage boy), it’s a surfboard looking thing that you see people standing up and paddling on various bodies of water. It’s quite popular outside of hurricane season.


Here’s a padle boarding photo of someone I don’t know who forgot to wear a bathing suit. Courtesy Wikimedia.

In paddle board boot camp, we did burpees, push-ups, stretches, core work and other shape-sculpting movements while balancing on our boards. It was a great workout. (Although, I’d discourage drinking alcohol beforehand, unless prescribed by a doctor.)

The instructor was very nice and not at all intimidating. And the other class members were real people who made their own mistakes and kept up in their own time as well. I’m signing up again next time it’s offered. Maybe I’ll only fall off five times then.


If you live around Woodlake, they’ve got all kinds of fitness classes going on. Something for every activity level and preference.

Here’s a link to the WSRC page with more details. 

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6 Responses to Stand Up Paddle Board Aerobics at Woodlake. That’s what’s SUP.

  1. Sarah Mac says:

    You don’t look at all ungraceful – a little like you’re doing an aquatic version of The Village People’s YMCA to be honest but not in a BAD way …

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carolann says:

    oh now that looks like fun! Love the pics too. I would totally do that. You go girl!


  3. angelaweight says:

    Thanks, Worm Keeper!


  4. angelaweight says:

    Sarah, you crack me up. Aquatic version of YMCA…I’m gonna purposely do that next week just for a photo.


  5. angelaweight says:

    Thanks, my dear!


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