Monster Jam Tonight at Richmond Coliseum

Hey, Richmond friends, I know you’re sick, sick, sick of the snow and are probably entertaining the idea of eating your young thanks to cabin fever setting in. Repeat after me…”it’s time to leave the house!”

Grab your coat and ear plugs and meet me at the Richmond Coliseum for Monster Jam. It’s tonight and tomorrow night only. And it’s one of those things you’ll always regret not doing if you miss it.

Screenshot 2015-02-12 at 3.34.12 PM

If you’re not into monster truck feats, then go for the people watching. You can fill up your Instagram just photographing all the “interesting” characters you’ll see. (I’ll be one of them.)


But seriously, I can’t wait to see Grave Digger in action, even though its driver wasn’t interested in being interviewed by me.


Other trucks staring in tonight’s event are:

El Toro Loco

Max D



and lots of others. (To be honest, I’m not sure which trucks will be there because I can’t find it on the Monster Jam website and there are way too many trucks on their site. So I guess it’s safe to say that there will be Monster trucks there, but I don’t know which ones. Grave Digger had better be one of them or I might hurt someone…No, that’s not a threat.)


Click here to visit the Monster Jam site.

Click here to buy tickets.

See you there!

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