When Someone Calls You By the Wrong Name, Do You Correct Them?

Today, my older son Andrew celebrated an important adolescent rite of passage. He got braces. This means that he’ll be in much pain tonight…and that my boob lift fund is empty once again, sadly.

I know it’s essential for us moms to put ourselves first once in a while, but I couldn’t bear the thought of people noticing Andrew’s uncorrected overbite, while I proudly displayed a chest that could double as a chin rest or a mantel piece.

Back to the braces:

Once the brackets were in place, Dr. King came out to meet with me and  go over brushing and flossing and all that crap. I was pretty impressed with the guy up until he called Andrew Dwight. Not once, but twice.

Dwight? I don’t recall that being short for Andrew. It’s not like one of those weird “Peggy is short for Margaret” sort of nicknames, is it? I mean Dwight’s not a bad name. It’s still better than being called Caitlyn Jenner.

As the doc reached out to shake my hand and said “Call us if you need anything, Dwight,” Andrew and I gave each other that puzzled “shouldn’t one of us correct him?” look.

But we didn’t. Would you have? Not correcting someone when they call you the wrong thing can alter the course of your life, if you’re a kid.

In college, I had not one, but THREE roommates who went by names that were thrust upon them by first grade teachers they were too shy to correct. And the fact that 65% of people think our last name “Weight” is really “Wright” isn’t a good thing.

If we let this go too long, Andrew Weight could become Dwight Wright. (Well, it does rhyme nicely.) 

When we lived in Georgia, a mom I knew from Northwest Laurens Elementary School, greeted me every afternoon for two years with an enthusiastic “Hi, Emily!!!”

I meant to correct her, but kept putting it off, which made the prospect even more awkward. And, to be honest, I sort of liked being called Emily because it sounds better than Angela.

One night at a party, I was talking to my friend Luann, (which isn’t her real name but I’m changing it on purpose.) As the Northwest Laurens “wrong name mom” walked in the room, I commented…

“Oh look! There’s Laura. She’s such a sweetheart, but she thinks my name is Emily and I don’t know how to tell her it isn’t. She’s been calling me that for two years!”

Luann laughed and replied, “don’t feel bad. She’s called me Tina for four years now.”

I wonder if Laura calls her husband the wrong name also. Hopefully not during sex.

What about you? Do you correct people? Or just let them keep thinking your name is something different?

Or if you called someone by the wrong name, wouldn’t you want to be corrected? I think I would.

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5 Responses to When Someone Calls You By the Wrong Name, Do You Correct Them?

  1. Carolann says:

    LOL I love how it rhymes you have to admit that’s funny. I would totally correct someone and right on the spot. I have no problems opening my big mouth for that one lol. Funny post as always.


  2. If it was because they thought I was someone else, I think I would hasten to correct them. But, then again, if they thought I was someone special, say Jessica Chastain, I might run with it a while. If they just had a misunderstanding about what my name really was, it would depend on the situation. I have lots of nicknames. What REALLY frosts me is misspelling my real name, Virginia. Which I just did.


  3. angelaweight says:

    Lol. You always make me laugh, Virginia. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’d run with being called Jessica Chastain too.


  4. peopledonteatenoughfudge says:

    I haven’t visited for a while but I’m glad I did, I needed the laugh! My ex’s ex got married and double barrelled her name with her new husbands – she went from being Diane White to Diane White-Cummings – I kid you NOT – also, I used to work with a girl called Carrie – before she got married she announced that she wanted to be known as Carrie- Anne from now on (double barrelling her first and second names) – after she got married all became clear when she changed her surname to her husbands – HISCOCK! I confess (as I have before) that for a while I read your name as Weight … Sorry … x


  5. Leah Clair says:

    Maybe he was making a baseball reference….Dr. King is awesome and would be fine with correction. He sees 100’s of kids and probably just got mixed up. Andrew should wear a shirt with his name blazoned across it when he goes to the Orthodontist. BTW, Dr. King lives in a huge house that we personally contributed to. I think at least one wing should be named after us, considering 3 kids in braces and one of them was twice….


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