Some Rules You Just Have to Break



This was my view today while taking Jack to school. (Yeah, I was within 100 feet, but we were stopped…and I was trying to take a photo, so it was okay.)

I get behind these trucks almost every morning because the school is next to a construction site. I have so many questions about that stupid “work vehicle, do not follow” sign.

1)Why would you want to follow a dump truck? I could see following an ambulance or police car, but a dump truck? Am I missing out on some super fun recreational activity that involves tailgating road equipment? And were so many people following dump trucks that it became a problem?

“Hey, Look! A dump truck! Hurry! Let’s get behind it!!!”

2) Why does the sign specify “work” truck? Are there any other kinds? I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a sport utility dump truck or a racing dump truck.

3) And, if there are other kinds of dump trucks, should we assume that it’s okay to follow them? Or if we see a dump truck that doesn’t have a “do not follow” sign, should we assume that it’s not a “work truck?”

“Now, Kids, remember…don’t just follow any dump truck you see. They have rules for a reason, you know.”

“Yes, Dad!”

4) What if I happen to be behind a work dump truck because we’re going in the same direction? 

I don’t like breaking rules…even accidentally. I wasn’t following the dump truck by choice. It was a two-lane road and I couldn’t pass. I can’t change where my son goes to school. I had to go that way.

Seems to me this sign is asking the impossible!

If I get pulled over because I was following the stupid dump truck, how will I explain to the officer that, yes, I was following it, but I wasn’t following it.

Reminds me of other inexplicable highway department signs.


Did no one involved in the printing of this sign realize how desperately it needed punctuation?


“Deaf Child Slow.” Am I supposed to know how slow “deaf child slow” is? 10 mph? 20 mph? I knew a deaf kid in elementary school who could outrun everybody. 

Funny Misspelled Signs, Incorrect Signs, Ironic Signs, Strange Business Names and Other Things to Make You Laugh (or cry, depending on how sensitive you are)

Not even gonna go there.

water on road during rain

Well, I’ll just be damned. 

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1 Response to Some Rules You Just Have to Break

  1. Carolann says:

    LOL all good ones. I agree about the dump truck sign. I’ll have to remember to follow one next time I see one. Thanks, I needed this laugh today!


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