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Nothing More Satisfying than a Strongly Worded Letter to Your Child’s Teacher

Hello Ms. Pagoda, It was nice seeing you the other day outside your classroom. Thanks for droppping the charges against my son Andrew. After all 4th grade boys will be 4th grade boys. Click here to download my book, Just … Continue reading

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Diana went to walk with Jesus yesterday

Those of you who know me can attest to the fact that I’m not a very sensitive, emotional, touchy-feely kind of person. I often substitute sarcasm in situations more tailored for tears and a hug. Having said all that, I … Continue reading

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A Giants Fan in the Heart of Braves Country

(the below post reflects the opinions of two certain narrow-minded people, not my own opinions) Hi Everyone, My name is Angela and I’m an alco….Giants Fan. A hush comes over the audience as they digest the shocking admission I’ve just … Continue reading

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The Mother of All Complaint Letters

Yes, of course the names and locations have been changed. I think I’ll start a new business “Poison Pen Custom Complaint Letters” Dear President of Sporatic Trust Savings, I’ve been a customer for nearly a year. After moving to Phommisboro, … Continue reading

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Husband+Wife+Home Improvement Doesn’t Equal Romance

It’s amazing the lengths that Home Depot, Stanley tools and Benjamin Moore will go to make home improvement projects appear to be the ultimate in husband-wife bonding activities. According to glossy photos in their full-color advertising materials, laying tile, installing … Continue reading

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Invasion of the STATE Inspectors

“Thank you ladies for coming, but you have to leave… NOW. …..THE STATE is visiting our facility today.” Becky, the medical assistant implored through a crack in the nursing home door. Her eyes were pleading, panicky. Her voice was shaky … Continue reading

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Something’s Been Going Around

I’ve officially declared Friday as my writing day. Ain’t no laundry pile high enough. Ain’t no sink of dishes wide enough, Ain’t no PR campaign urgent enough to lure my fingers from the laptop. I challenge a team of wild … Continue reading

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Overjoyed with my Droid

My husband and I now both have Droids. No, not British, homosexual robot servants like C3PO in Star Wars. Motorola Droids. I would call them phones, but that would be like labeling Pope Benedict XXXIJWKL as a Catholic guy. The … Continue reading

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Mockingbirds, Diamond Rings and Other Insane Things

I survived another week at Camp Lair… a feat deserving of a medal. Those of you who know me are aware that every year, same month, same week, the Weight family, complete with aunts, uncles, cousins, ex-wife, ex-in-laws, ex-cons, ex-cetera, … Continue reading

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Fear Takes Flight

  This was written about a week ago, but I’ve been unable to post it because of reasons I can’t go into without a lawyer present.   I’m not an easy flyer; one of those people who breezes through airports … Continue reading

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