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The Ceiling of the Blackbird Chapel…Michelangelo eat your heart out.

body {background-image: url(“”); background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; } Sorry, this one’s not too funny. I promise more absurdity next time. Honest. I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Dublin, GA. The cute one. The one with culture and … Continue reading

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Saved by the Neti Pot

My sinuses are on the blink again—-this time clogged tightly with what feels like joint compound or caulking material. Whenever I try to inhale through my nose the air hits a roadblock and my head gets that overblown balloon that’s … Continue reading

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BINGO at Mellow Oaks

In order to do my job effectively there are certain places I hang out that wouldn’t make most people’s social calendars. No, I’m not a drug dealer. However, being an eldercare marketing rep is sort of like being a drug … Continue reading

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VBS 2010 – An Arts and Crafts Disaster in the Making?

(The accompanying photo is of an inadvertently phallic candle that my friend Michelle’s son made for her. It appears he suffers from a lack of crafting genes too. God love him. Wanna see more creative blunders? Check out where … Continue reading

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The Sad Effects of Foot in Mouth Disease

This week has been checkered with grievous episodes of misspeaking on my part. It isn’t a shock to those who’ve known me for more than an hour. All my life, I’ve said the wrong thing to the point of fully … Continue reading

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A Marriage Just isn’t a Marriage without the Tangy Zip of Miracle Whip

My husband James and I tend to agree on most things. We’re just sickening that way. Before marriage we had the tough conversations, the ones on the “must discuss list” according to relationship experts like Dr. Phil and Father Guido … Continue reading

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A Chip Off the Old Munk

Today started out as an ordinary Tuesday. I hit the snooze alarm 27 times before jumping out of bed wailing like a siren that we were going to be late for school and therefore the world would soon come crashing … Continue reading

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Mom Unfit to Play Easter Bunny

If you’re under 13, log off now and go clean your room or watch reruns of iCarly or pester a a parent. Now SCRAM! I’m a lousy mother. It’s official. My union membership card and ID badge will be delivered … Continue reading

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Wine and Garlic for the Last Supper??

We’re in the home stretch of Lent, something I don’t normally observe, except when it’s all over my black pants. But Easter, starting with Palm Sunday, is a big celebration of faith for our family. As a Sunday school teacher … Continue reading

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Mommy Madness: Resisting the Urge to Make Goodie Bags

It’s the Tuesday before Valentines Day. I’ve just come home from Wal-Mart with groceries for the week, including some fun stuff like Caladium bulbs for the front yard and Penguins of Madagascar Valentine cards for Andrew and Jack to give … Continue reading

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