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Does Your Dog Have this Problem?

My dog Hope has this not-so-attractive habit of regurgitating her food about an hour after eating. Her ample serving of Kibbles and Bits is in line for the intestine coaster when “whoaaa….back out the hatch.” I’m sure it’s very confusing … Continue reading

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A Chip Off the Old Munk

Today started out as an ordinary Tuesday. I hit the snooze alarm 27 times before jumping out of bed wailing like a siren that we were going to be late for school and therefore the world would soon come crashing … Continue reading

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Mom Unfit to Play Easter Bunny

If you’re under 13, log off now and go clean your room or watch reruns of iCarly or pester a a parent. Now SCRAM! I’m a lousy mother. It’s official. My union membership card and ID badge will be delivered … Continue reading

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