You Googled What?

For a while now, I’ve been keeping a list of the ridiculous and funny search terms that lead people to my site. Here are some of my favorites.

doing laundry at the car wash

Dapper bear plates

famous inventions by Canadians

can hemorrhoid cream reduce under eye bags?

how to talk to Jehovah’s Witnesses

Google Chrome for hypochondriacs

mom blogger, Jehovah’s Witness

making urine safe to drink

handsome boy sad

-Psychology of Nik Wallenda

-Flight attendants and bladder infections

-Does America make Indian people become alcoholics? (Geez! Seriously?)

-African toilet room

-Buy my panties

-Bananas and sanity

-Why don’t husbands use toilet paper?

-Wife anger issues

-People driving naked

-I can’t stop this feeling

-Jehovah’s Witnesses marketing

-Are Canadians really stupid?

-Dr. Oz colonoscopy

-Why is my crotch smoking?

-Diet Pepsi IV

-Man sleeping with fish

-Being replaced by a younger woman

-Neti Pot life changing

-Why is Eureka Bravo II not sucking

-Hidden camera in female buried location

-Pics of half sleeping man at night

-Elf on the Shelf cosmetics for women

-Low testosterone maintenance

-Dog eating panties

-Disney Without Me

-He Bears My Stupidity

-Little League Wet Pants

-Warning Signs for Morons

-Will Stomping Help Induce Labor?

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